Bing For Android Will Be Available In Six Weeks

Some people prefer using Bing to Google when performing searches, but for Android users, Microsoft has been slow in bringing a fully-loaded Bing app to the Android OS. For a while now, Bing has been available in the iPhone app store where it has performed exceedingly well boasting over four million downloads. As of now, there is a Bing app for Android, but it is limited to mapping. The fully-featured Bing app will be similar to the desktop version as it will include Web, image, and news search in addition to its mapping service. Bing first launched last June and it has been involved in an uphill battle against Yahoo! and Google. Bing is touted as a Decision Engine and Microsoft execs have high hopes for their Search Engine. Hopefully the Android App will be met with success because Bing is a solid search engine. Expect the Bing app to be available for download in the next six weeks.

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