Geotag Photos Pro is currently being offered on special Black Friday sale price. You still have a couple of hours to grab this useful Android app before it goes back to its original price of 2.99 EURO. In case you have not heard about Geotag Photos Pro, it’s an application for automatic geotagging of photos taken using any ¬†digital camera. Geotag photos offers a simple solution for geotagging of photos which are not yet supported by most of these digital cameras due to high cost of embedding GPS capabilities. Since Android devices have this capability built-in to their system it can easily record a log of the user’s location at specified time intervals. To complete the process of geotagging photos you need to use a desktop application that uses the recorded log to match log entries with the time each photo was captured by your camera. Features of Geotag Photos Pro include:

  • Geotag Photos Pro enables the addition of geospatial metadata to digital photos taken by any (DSLR or compact one) camera
  • Exact locations are logged at user-set intervals by the Android application
  • Geotag Photos offers various logging modes, from continuous to manual
  • TappyTaps’ desktop application matches logged location data with photos taken by any camera, and saves the location data in a standard metadata format
  • Desktop application supports all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • support of .JPG and RAW file formats (more than 20 file formats – like NEF, DC2, DCW, …)
  • export of location data to GPX standard format
  • Photos can be searched or sorted by location after tagging, using a wide range of viewing applications – such as iPhoto or Aperture on Mac OS X or Picasa on Windows and Linux
  • organization of the logged data info trips, history of trips and information about current trip

Geotag Photos Pro Android app is currently available for a special Black Friday price of 0.79 EURO. You can grab this Android app here. Video demo is attached below to help you appreciate what this Android app can do.

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