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The results of a recent survey might not be news, but how it was asked is. Participants were asked what smartphone brands that they would never buy, no matter what. The clear winner (or looser depending on how you look at it) was Blackberry; with an overwhelming 71% of smartphone users saying there is no way they would ever buy a Blackberry. This is an interesting way to ask a question that’s been pretty obvious lately, as Android and Apple now control over 90% of the worldwide smartphone market.

Other results of the same poll showed that a little over 31% of smartphone users said they would never use an Android smartphone and just under 20% said they would never use an iPhone. The survey also asked smartphone users what would get them to purchase a particular brand, such as a bigger screen, more functionality, or a better price. Still with these options 71% said they would never buy a Blackberry. Must be there’s more smartphone brand fanboys out there than you’d think.

With Windows again trying to get a piece of the smartphone pie it begs the question if there’s that many people that just will not buy a particular smartphone, then Windows is going to have a very hard time trying to win over any consumers. If Windows had been on the survey one would wonder how many would say that they’d never buy a Windows smartphone. Still a little disappointing to see that Android ranked in second on the ‘I Will Never Buy’ list.

On a side note it is important to mention that there were only just over 250 people involved in this survey, so it’s not like it was very in depth checking over a large group of smartphone users. Still even though it was a small number I’d say the results (at least for Blackberry) sound like they are pretty close to the truth.

Source – All Things Digital

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