How many times have you received unwanted callers on your Android phones? One, two, three or two many that you’ve already lost count? If you often get this annoying experiences, “there’s an Android app for that.” Sorry about that Apple iOS fans, can’t help but use that phrase. Anyway, the Android app is called PrivacyStar. Previously, PrivacyStar provides comprehensive and unlimited call blocking features. You can block individual numbers, entire area codes or enter a series of wildcard characters. In short, its a pretty nifty personalized service. And just added recently is a new feature that will allow you to block unwanted text messages including spam. This is very useful if you are constantly receiving messages from email telemarketers and other promotional email messages involuntarily. This feature adds to PrivacyStar’s features and benefits which include the following:

  • Call blocking – lets you block individual numbers, entire codes, all private or unknown numbers and wildcard characters
  • SMS Text Message Blocking – lets you block SMS text messages
  • Caller ID – the app displays the name of the calling party while the phone is ringing
  • Caller Lookup – idenfifies unknown callers by name and lets you add them to your contact list or private list
  • SmartBlock – automatically block the most blocked numbers
  • Do Not Disturb – forwards all non-blocked incoming calls to voicemail and sends a custom text message acknowledging the call
  • Report Potential Telemarketing and Debt Collection Violations – you can request the app to capture detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity
  • Web Portal – Fully integrated personal web portal to manage the PrivacyStar account, block and unblock callers, and perform number look-ups.
  • Future Proof – lets you easily transfer PrivacyStar user information from one device to another smartphone

The PrivacyStar Android app is available now from the Android Market. To enjoy the call and sms blocking service, you need to subscribe to PrivacyStar for $2.99 monthly. Discounted semi-annual or annual rates are also available.

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