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BonusXP unleashes Monster Crew for Android

by On

Halloween may be over, but Monsters can be fun all year long if you’ve got an Android game like Monster Crew from BonusXP. Monster Crew isn’t about a street gang full of Monsters (that would be cool) or a monstrous pit crew. Instead it’s the tale of a boy, his piggy bank, cards… and Monsters of course! Monster Crew is the story of a boy on a mission to get back his prized Monster Crew cards that his mom sold in a yard sale. Apparently she sold them to an evil genius of sorts which you weren’t aware of until you tried to buy them back and got zapped into Frankenstein. This is where the fun begins. Monster Crew is a running game of sorts as you’ll move through one level to the next squashing enemies while collecting coins. You basically smash your way through kooky castle corridors before taking an elevator to the next “level” so it’s not really an endless runner although you’ll do a lot of running. Remember we mentioned cards? Well you’ll get to use any cards you collect as power-ups before starting a new stage. By the numbers Monster Crew has 17 mysteries to solve, a deep skill tree, and 25 bonus cards to go along with 36 upgrades. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Monster Crew as I’m pretty burned out on running games, but Monster Crew proved to be a very pleasant surprise. The game is a lot of fun, but the graphics really helped draw me into the game and doing the Frankenstein Stomp on spider or chairs really never gets old. The game has a lot of polish, and needless to say it’s been a blast to play thus far. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Monster Crew for free on Google Play.

Monster Crew