Android App Ratings & Reviews Releases an Android App for Tablets

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Aside from the more popular online storage service Dropbox, there is also another service called already has an Android app for smartphones and today a new app for Android tablets has just been made available on the Android Market. This is a pretty simple app that lets you upload documents from a tablet as well as view items stored on your account. Android app allows you view your files online using a two-panel view as well as pop-up menus. The app also lets you located your documents and then use Android apps installed in your table to open this file. Provided of course you have the Android apps associated with those files. According to the app’s description, offers a simple, secure sharing of files from anywhere. Hence, you can easily store file sonline, send big files fast and access your files on your Android tablet or smartphone. Other features of the app include – SSO for simple login process no matter what device you are using to access your account, easily share files and folders with links, find files fast with built-in search functionality, and save files you create in other Android apps to your account. The app also lets you create, rename and delete files and folders. offers up to 5GB of storage for free. But if you need more storage, you can easily upgrade your free account for a minimal fee. is available now as a free download from the Android Market.