Breathe life into Blocks with Spell Breath from Motion Struct

Do you enjoy solving puzzles in a creative way? If so, Spell Breath by Motion Struct may just be the game for you. Spell Breath is an Android game that puts the puzzle in puzzling as you play a mage who specializes in conjuring up magical blocks. There are plenty of platform games out here, and quite a few “magic” games as well, but Spell Breath manages to combine both as you play a Mage that can craft blocks out of magic. That may not sound to awfully exciting until you consider that you’ll have to use those conjured blocks to get from point A to point B and of course, they only last for so long. Throw in the fact that you’ll need to use Mana to create them and it’s gets a little trickier as you can’t create blocks without Mana and different sized blocks use different amounts of the magical substance. Each level has a hidden key and your goal is to get that key and make it to the exit without dying which is made tough by lava pits, spikes, and plenty of other hazards.


Spell Breath looks to be a nice puzzle/platform game with plenty of levels and nice physics as you can literally place blocks almost anywhere. The game could use a bit of polish here and there, but for the most parts I have no complaints and it runs great on my phone or tablet. There’s a free version of Spell Breath you can try while the full version gives you all 30 levels for only $0.99. You can check out both versions of Motion Struct’s Spell Breath on Google Play.

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