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Bug Village for Android – The Review

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Glu Mobile has put out some very popular games, and their newest one called Bug Village is no exception. Bug Village put’s you in control of a colony of ants, and you’ll use those ants to build up your village. It’s about more than ants though; you’ll also interact with a few bees, ladybugs, and the occasional stink bug! Fans of town building games will surely enjoy this, and it helps that it’s all done with great looking 3D graphics.


Ant’s love to build things and you’re going to have to build a lot in Bug Village. It follows the basic guidelines of most building games which is collecting materials, building, and leveling. The twist is that it’s done with Ants, so you’ll be using things like sugar cubes, clovers, and twigs. Acorn’s are used as currency, and you’ll collect them when you collect materials from a “pile” or as you complete the tasks you’re given. You’ll also collect XP which will level up your colony, allowing you to have more Ant hut’s and unlocking other items. Bug Village is a time based game, where all your tasks will require a certain amount of time to complete. These tasks can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


There are a lot of different things to build in Bug Village under several different categories. Under housing you start with a Homy Hut, but can build Mushroom Huts, Strawberry Huts, and Lux Lounges just to name a few. You can also decorate your town with everything from an egg lamp to poker chips; there are around 40 different items you can unlock just in the decorations department. The ants will need to be fed with sugar cubes, cookies, and cupcakes to keep up their energy so they can build up your town. Bug Village also has the popular in-app payment system where you can purchase coins to use in the game. You’ll start out with a few coins, but they will run out quick. The coins can be used to speed up building progress, and purchase special items.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of games where you have to wait or buy items to complete tasks, but Bug Village wasn’t bad about that. It was nice to go play something else then go back when I got a little ant icon in my notification bar. The graphics are mainly what drew me in; Glu Mobile really did a nice job with this one. All the little bugs are cute without being too kidsy, so the game should also appeal to a wide range of ages. Overall, it’s a fun little building game to kill time with and a nice addition to the marketplace. You can pick up Bug Village for free in the Android market.