Build a Human Tower with iCastellers for Android


Castell is the Catalan word for human tower, and iCastellers is English for “fun & challenging game.” Actually, it’s not but it should be as iCastellers is an addictive new Android game that’s like nothing I’ve ever played. We’ve built towers out of blocks and strange little creatures, but iCastellers takes things to a whole new level by letting you build with people. You’ll basically build different types of towers with people, and you have to get them all up and hold the position for 5 seconds before taking them back down one by one. Sending your “Colla Castellera” up and bringing them down are easy, but you’ll have to hold your device still to keep things steady. I actually thought it was a little too easy at first, but once you start using 5-6 people it gets tricky as balancing becomes much harder. You play training mode to unlock “castells” and levels while Exhibition mode lets you perform exhibitions to become the bet Colla around. iCastellers lets you customize your Colla’s a bit, and they use Openfeint for score tracking & achievements.


I actually stumbled across iCastellers earlier this month, and am glad I went back to revisit the game as it’s been a lot of fun and is definitely unique. There seems to be quite a bit of depth in the game while the graphics and music played from the Gralla fits the game perfectly. You’ll also learn a few things as I had no idea what a Gralla or a Colla was before playing this game. There is a free version of iCastellers you can try, and the full version will only set you back $0.99. You can find both versions of Casolapps iCastellers on Google Play.

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