Solar Forge for AndroidIt’s no secret that I love simulation games, and when I stumbled across Solar Forge a game that lets you create your own Solar System I almost hit the floor. A Sandbox game set in space? Count me in… Solar Forge is a Solar System Sandbox game which means you’ll get to create your very own universe without having to leave the couch. We’re not just talking about sending some ships out to explore either; you actually get to pick a sun, play with gravity, and create planets by smashing asteroids into each other. That’s just for starters. Once things get rolling you can make planets collect resources, search for intelligence, and go to war of course as no good space sim is complete without a little warfare. I’m not sure if any ships are involved, but I know you can send an asteroid directly into an enemy planet or ship. Solar Forge was just released today so I haven’t had a chance to spend a whole lot of time with the game yet. From what I’ve seen so far the layout could be a little more user-friendly along with the instructions, but I’m digging it. The first time you create a planet you’re going to get excited, and then you’re probably going to get pissed when it goes crashing into the sun. Gotta’ love gravity… We’ll be back next week (or sooner) with a full review of Solar Forge as I’ve only scratched the surface of the game and am itching to see what lies beneath. If you want to give it a run you can pick up MostWanted Game Development’s Solar Forge for $0.99 on Google Play.

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