If you’ve ever dreamed of owning and operating your own TV station today’s your lucky day. B-Tower is the newest Android game from Bluewind, and it’s the first game to my knowledge that lets you construct your own television station from the ground up. B-Tower is an energy-based building game where you’ll try and build your tiny Television station into a broadcasting giant through a series of missions. If you’ve played a building game in the past year you’ll be familiar with the standard setup behind B-Tower as you’ll complete tasks to earn money so you can build new structures and items. In this case those structures will be things like News sets and Karate shows, but you’ll also be able to spruce your building up with things like flower planters and other interior items. As mentioned B-Tower is an energy-based game which means you’ll lose a bit of energy every time you take on a task; unfortunately the recharge time is lengthy in this one as you’ll have to wait around 4 minutes to get one point of energy back. Yeah you can buy more energy along with coins & cash if you don’t want to wait, but if you’re like me you’re probably not going to shell out any dough to get your energy back quicker. B-Tower is a really neat concept, but I do feel that you hit the ‘energy wall’ early on in the game which greatly impedes your progress. There are plenty of different stations to build, but you’ll hit a snag with those as well as some require ‘bucks’ which are not easy to earn through gameplay. Overall the game is definitely worth a look if you’re into building sims, but personally I’m going to pass on this one as I’m not really the patient type. I don’t mind waiting for my buildings to go up, but I do mind having to wait 30 minutes just to go back and clean half my building. If you want to give it a whirl you can pick up Bluewind’s B-Tower for free on Google Play.

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