Big Blue Bubble (try saying that 3-times fast) have just dropped the follow-up to their popular game Burn the Rope into the market. The new game is called Burn the Rope Worlds, and as much as I liked the first game I already like this one as much, if not more than the original. What’s so great about the Burn the Rope Worlds? How about 100 levels and a brand new mini-game for starters… One new feature in Burn the Rope Worlds is a mini-game called “Endless Burn” that has players collecting bugs along the rope. As you collect the bugs their flame trail gets longer, and if they hit the trail the game is over. Mini-Games are nice and all, but the heart of the game lies with the classic & casual modes and they’ve got a lot to offer. Big Blue Bubble has put together 100 new levels spread across four awesome looking themed worlds – Fantasy, Jungle, Mechanical, and Space. You get 25 levels per world, and if thats not enough they’re going to release a new puzzle every day! I was really glad to see this pop into the market this morning, and I can honestly say its pretty awesome so far. The only thing missing from the game I’ve noticed is the original theme music which I loved. The new music isn’t bad, but I always got a kick out of hearing…”Burn the Rope….Yeaaahh, Burn the Rope” and I’m sure others did too. Either way, fans of the original won’t be disappointed with Burn the Rope Worlds and I can’t wait to see what Big Blue has up their sleeves next.

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