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Business Education Apps

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If you’re looking to improve your business skills, or just sharpen up on some new techniques, there isn’t always time for an extensive training course. Fortunately, app developers have created unique applications for the Android that will help you brush up on languages, learn a new topic, see what others are saying, and more. Look below for eight of the top business education apps for learning on your commute, at lunch, or even during a five-minute break.

Real Simple Edu

This app developer has created learning apps on over fifty topics, including business math, project management, finance, and web development. Quizzes, step-by-step tutorials and flashcards cover the facts, and there’s even a social networking component that allows you to connect to your Facebook account.

American Express OPEN Forum

The OPEN component of American Express is focused on helping small businesses grow and prosper. The Forum app not only offers a networking venue and a place to post questions for feedback, but you can also browse articles and videos by notable experts in the field.


This free language-learning app is available for nine languages, including English, German, French, Polish and Spanish. There are four different stages of learning available, all of which feature audio-video recordings from native speakers. The developers boast over 3,000 unique vocabulary words in each language and an intuitive format.


This app connects with popular business website SlideShare. After downloading, you can use it to view your own company’s presentations, or browse global business presentations for tips and ideas. You can also connect to the SlideShare website through the app for more options.


The Skill-Pill application allows you to watch two-minute videos on various business topics, including leadership, management, and sales skills. Perfect for a brief intermission or quick brush-up on a subject. You do have to register at the Skill-Pill site first, but the well-made and creative videos are worth it.

Strategy Management

This ten-chapter textbook created by ComboApp actually mimics a course like those offered as part of a management degree. After studying each chapter you take a multiple-choice test, then you’re given feedback on all responses. Topics include crafting global strategy, environmental analysis, and strategic implementation issues. It doesn’t require an Internet connection, so you can study on a plane or the bus.

Business & Finance Dictionary

For quick reference if you’re stumped in a meeting, have the Business & Finance Dictionary app on hand. Enter any term into the search bar for a quick definition. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, scan the glossary. You can even select a random word to keep your business vocabulary fresh.

Business Studies

Created by Harris eLearning, this topic-based app covers dozens of key business topics at a graduate level. Complete with charts and graphs, you can check it out with the free sampler app first. Topics include cash flow, culture, pricing, investment appraisal, product life cycle, and human resources, among others.