Buy Coffee using your phone with the Dunkin' Donuts Android App

Some folks are crazy about their Coffee, and if you’re a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee you’re in for a treat. The Dunkin’ Donuts Android app has arrived and it will let you pay for a cup of their delicious coffee straight from your Android phone. The Dunkin’ Donuts Android app does it all as it gives you a menu full of their Coffee as well as their food and tasty Donuts. The Coffee category lets you browse through Hot, Iced or Frozen drinks complete with pictures and descriptions of your favorites. The food section gives you donuts, muffins, bagels, and sandwiches, and while you get to see the sandwich varieties the same cannot be said of the donuts which kind of sucks. The Dunkin’ Donuts app also shows you restaurants that are nearby, lets you send giftcards electronically, and most importantly lets you pay for Coffee with your phone. The “My Cards” tab of the app lets you purchase or add a Duncan Card and once you’ve set that up you’ll be able pay via your phone. You will have to have an online Dunkin’ Donuts account to use that feature along with a few others, and you can’t pay with tablets yet which I don’t see being an issue for most folks. Dunkin’ Donuts is just the latest company to get in on the “pay with your phone” craze, and they’re definitely not going to be the last to do so. I do enjoy a cup of Good Morning America every now and then, but haven’t had a chance to try this one out for myself. The app itself has a nice easy to use layout, and works well on my S3, but you’ll want to keep in mind that only participating locations will have the equipment to actually let you pay with your phone. If you want to give the app a look you can pick up the Dunkin’ Donuts Android App for free on Google Play.

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