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C64 Classic Giana Sisters out now for Android

by On

A lot of people have probably never heard of the Giana Sisters, and I was in that group myself until my memory was refreshed by the new game. The original Giana Sisters came out in 1987 on several of the older systems including the Commodore 64, and briefly reappeared in 2005 on mobiles. Well, the sisters are back again and this time it’s on the Android platform thanks to developers Kassa. Personally, I was wearing out NES joypads in 87’ so I’ve never played the Giana Sisters before and I’m not sure exactly what the differences may be between the new and the old. Here’s a brief rundown of what you get in the new version…

  • 80 new levels
  • 32 retro levels with new graphic designs
  • New graphic set specifically for Android
  • 5 languages
  • Xperia Play optimized
  • Legendary soundtrack inspired by Chris Huelsbeck

After watching a few vids, and checking out the screenshots it looks to be cool retro game that’s gotten a nice makeover. The 100+ levels are always nice; especially when they include Retro levels, but the price does seem a little steep in my opinion. They are asking $5.52 for the full game which really isn’t that bad, but it irks me that they threw in “10 brand new levels available as an in-app purchase.” I don’t know how much said levels will cost you through the in-app purchasing system, but paying over 5 bucks and then asking customers to pay more usually isn’t a good way to go. What do you guys think… Are all the add-ons & extras getting out of hand or are you happy with the current in-app purchasing madness and all the ads we’ve been seeing of late?