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Can Knockdown 3 Crashes onto Google Play

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can knockdown 3First-person shooters are a blast, and everyone loves to fling animals around the screen these days. can knockdown 3 androidSometimes it’s nice to go casual though, and Can Knockdown 3 from Infinite Dreams is a great way to do just that. Can Knockdown 3 is the third game in the Can Knockdown trilogy, and it’s easily the best looking game of the bunch. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Can Knockdown, it’s basically just like the old carnival game where you toss a baseball at milk bottles, just substitute the cans with bottles. You’ll get three shots to take down any cans on the screen, and there are no carnies present to sway the odds in their favor. The gameplay behind Can Knockdown 3 may be simple, but things do get complicated as you progress through the game. You’ll come across explosive cans, wooden can.knockdown3-2platforms, all sorts of maddening things. There are a lot of interactive elements in the game as well; from your electric touch between screens to being able to plink signs in the background.  By the numbers, Can Knockdown 3 offers up around 100 levels set across 5 different areas. There are 20 levels per area, but it remains to be seen if all are free as I’m still stuck in the first zone. Can Knockdown 3 is an awesome time-killer that’s easy on the eyes, but I did have some issues with the controls. They feel “off” at times, and while the aiming has been dead-on, the power seems off as I’ve undershot targets more often than not. It may just be an issue with my device as the game hasn’t been out long enough for anyone else to mention it yet. Definitely not as smooth as Paper Toss 2.0 though. Either way, if you enjoyed the previous Can Knockdown games, you’ll definitely dig this one. Can Knockdown 3 is free to download on Google Play.

Can Knockdown 3