Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Game Arrives on the Android Market

Just in time for the opening of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty movie soon, Marvel Entertainment has released an Android game based on the upcoming movie. Actually, this game has been released weeks if not a couple of days ago on the iTunes App Store. Interestingly, while it was a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the game will still cost you $4.99. Guess how much it costs on the Android Market? – $0.99. Yup, so if you’re like me who have both an iPhone and an Android phone, I’d rather get this game from the Android Market. Better yet, if you have an Android Tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – you will definitely enjoy this game as I am enjoying it right now. So, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty takes you in control of the Cap himself as he tries to take on the Red Skull and HYDRA as they build super weapons that will turn the tide of the war. You also need to rescue your allies such as Falsworth, Dum Dum Dugan and Bucky. The game control is pretty much basic in this game. Cap moves on a forward direction as he tackles enemies along the lines. He can jump and slide into obstacles, hang on walls, throw his shields at land mines and of course execute three-hit combos against enemies.   The game gives you 24 levels each with multiple pathways and hidden areas. You can also collect files and discover unlockables along the way. The game also features high score leaderboards and other extra features which you will discover along the way. In short, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is an in-depth game that will keep you entertain as you wait for the opening of the Captain America feature film. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is available now from the Android Market for a discounted price of $0.99. It’s an 80% off from its original price. Hurry as this price is good until the movie opens in cinemas in the U.S.  

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