Anytime I hear The Great Pumpkin I immediately think of the Peanuts and Halloween. Thanks to Loud Crow Entertainment we now have The Great Pumpkin Festival to enjoy and if you’re a Peanuts fan you’ve got to check it out.

The Great Pumpkin Festival lets you celebrate Halloween by carving Pumpkins, but this is no ordinary pumpkin carving game. You have to pick a word, and carve that word to the best of your ability before sending it off to be judged for the Pumpkin carving contest. You get a simple set of drawing tools to use on your pumpkin and if you mess up don’t worry because you can easily fix any spots you carve out. While there aren’t many tools available the ones you get are more than sufficient for pumpkin carving. The Great Pumpkin Contest is decided through likes; each pumpkin done by a user is automatically entered into the competition and the one with the most likes wins. You can browse other users Pumpkins through an easy to use menu, and I must admit there are some pretty rad Pumpkin carvers out there. The other neat part of the game is the Avatar setup where you’ll get to make your own Peanuts character. There are a slew of options to change your characters hair and expression, but more importantly there are a ton of costume options available. As cool as the game is you are limited in a few areas and there are In-App purchases. You start out with 5 hammers which are used to get new words or buy more pumpkins to carve. Yes you’ll only get a set amount of Pumpkins per day which sucks, but is understandable as the game would be flooded quickly if people could crank out 100 per day. The majority of the costumes will set you back a bit as well; you do earn cash in the game, but the ratio does seem a little skewed. Overall The Great Pumpkin Festival is a great Android game to celebrate Halloween, and it’s quite a bit of as well. You’ll be impressed by some of the other users’ creations and excited when you get your first like on one of your pumpkins. If you love the Peanuts or Halloween in general I highly advise you to grab this app and carve yourself a few dozen pumpkins. You can check out Loud Crow Interactive’s The Great Pumpkin Festival for free on Google Play.

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