Catch Monsters with Gamevil's Monster Warlord for Android

Another week… another Monster catching game. This time it’s Monster Warlord from the folks at Gamevil, and if you’re into the whole monster catching crazy it’s pretty safe to say you’ll want to check this one out. Your job in Monster Warlord is to guide Mika across a strange world filled with quests and mysterious monsters. Just like in every other monster catching game you’ll want to snag the toughest monsters around and you’ll do that by taking on challenges and defeating your opponents team of monsters. There is a wide variety of elemental themed monsters for you to pick up, and you can combine two monsters to create a new powerful one; there are 6 different classes of monsters so the combinations are virtually endless once you take the rare monsters into account as well.  Monster Warlord also lets you form alliances with other players to become clansmen, and you’ll get to summon and attack bosses with your new brethren for big rewards. Monster Warlord wins the ‘game with a cool name’ competition hands down, and while I haven’t played the game it seems like a solid effort from Gamevil. Personally, I’m a Pokémon guy and am still holding out hope that one day we’ll see the original monster catching game on Android one of these days. That being said, Monster Warlord seems like a nice fill-in and it’s somewhat original compared to all the bad monster catching knock-offs that have come across my desk lately.  If you’re ready to give it a run you can pick up Gamevil’s Monster Warlord for free on Google Play.

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