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Catch Up on the News and Chuck a few Eggs in Breaking News! for Android

by On

Some people love the news while others hate it, and almost everyone’s wanted to chuck something (sports scores)at the TV during a news story they didn’t like. Breaking News! From Harebrained Schemes gives you the chance to chuck quite a few things during the news as it’s part flinging game and part news app. Breaking News! is an Android app that brings you the news from 4 different areas including Politics, Sports, Tech, and Entertainment. When you click a category you’ll see a picture appear on some monitors with a headline going across a ticker at the top of the screens. If you like a story you can flick a thumbs up at the screen, and if you hate it you can nail it with a thumbs down. If you get tired of flinging hands at the screen there are a lot of other things you can throw and if you actually want to read the news you can click on the screens to get the full scoop. There’s also a little animated newsman on the screen you can assault with everything from rats and roses to trashcans and rocks. Breaking News! is a fun little flicking app and a very interesting way to catch up on the news. There’s a lot more to it than I briefly covered, and it will be interesting to see what the developers do with it from here. With the elections looming this would definitely be a fun little app to have on hand if you feel like tossing a few things at the screen. If you’d like to give it a look you can pick up Harebrained Schemes Breaking News! for free on  Google Play.