Caution: Viber App contains major security flaw

viber2 A popular internet call and messenger app named Viber has caught the attention of security firms for containing a very serious security flaw. Vietnamese security firm, named Bkav, discovered the flaw in Viber lets attackers bypass screen locks and take control of Android smart phones. The Viber app, much like Skype, allows you to use your data connection to send messages and make calls. viber The loophole occurs when your phone is locked and you receive calls and messages. The Viber app will allow the user to respond to the incoming calls and messages via a pop-up without unlocking the phone. Bkav explained that the hack works in different ways depending on which Android phone is being used and revolves around sending multiple messages to a victim via Viber. The bottom line about this flaw is once the attacker has used viber to bypass the lock screen they have access to the device. This is not a remote hack so Bkav suggest that you keep you phone close and do not allow anyone to use it until this flaw has been fixed. Internet calling and messaging is a popular mode of communication because it saves our minutes and can drastically reduce the size of our mobile bills if taken advantage of correctly. Proof of this is in the 50 million downloads that Viber has seen so far from Google Play. This loophole is the newest in a series of security flaws that have been spread through Google Play. Viber has stated that it was aware of the flaw and has provided a fix that is now available in Viber version 2.3.7. If you use Viber than make sure you get your update. Source- bbc

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