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Celebrate Google Play getting 25 Billion downloads with Google’s 25 cent sale!

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We all know how popular Android has become, but today Google announced that it had hit 25 billion downloads on Google Play. Yup… 25 billion downloads. In honor of that massive achievement the big G has decided to throw a little celebratory sale. Starting today you’ll be able to get deals on games and apps from developers like EA, Rovio, Full Fat and Gameloft among others. The theme of the sale is “25” which means you’ll be able to pick up these awesome deals for only $0.25. Google also announced they’d be putting together some special collections like 25 banned books, 25 top selling magazines, 25 must own movies, and 25 albums that changed the world. Sounds like some pretty interesting ideas actually, and while these special collections will be on sale I seriously doubt they’ll be priced at a quarter a pop. No games or apps have been announced yet, but I always look forward to these types of sales and generally pick up some games every time they run one.  The sale starts sometime today and will continue throughout the next 5 days. We’re not sure if it will be different deals each day or all at once, but we’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

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Update – The sales are live now, and it looks like we’ll be getting a new batch of games/apps daily. Here are the links to the specific sales; we’ll keep you updated daily on the new additions so be sure to check back. 25 Apps 25 Albums 25 Books 25 Movies 25 Magazines