Earlier this week Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had some interesting things to say and some impressive numbers to reveal at the AllThingsD mobile conference. Schmidt talked to conference attendees and revealed that Google expected Android users to reach the 1 billion mark with the next six to nine months. Apparently the Android sales and sign up numbers have reached 1.5 million new users daily. Last September the daily new customer numbers were 200,000 less per day. With 750 million Android smartphones spread across 160 countries and 320 carriers with a daily increase of 1.5 million, the billion mark doesn’t seem that farfetched or far away. Ericschmidt During the interview Schmidt stated, “Android is by far the primary vehicle by which people are going to see smartphones.” He also went on to reaffirm that, “Our goal is to reach everybody.” These statements make sense with the evolving exposure pattern that Google has adopted for Android. We see steady price drops for Android supported devices while Apple and other competitors pricing barely remains competitive. Schmidt also revealed that we can expect to see Asian developed Android devices reach the $75-$100 range. With Samsung viewing the $100 mark as the magic number for maximum consumer exposure, we can expect LG to follow suit which lends extraordinary credence to Google desire to reach the masses. Schmidt also went on to attempt to dispel the rumors of recent difficulties between Google and the Korean tech giant Samsung. He stated, “We spend lots of time with Samsung, and we have a very good relationship with them. They have hundreds of millions of phones on Android platform. You won’t see much of a change there.” It is logical that the relationship between Samsung and Google would remain profitable. The open source nature of Android and the fact the LG and Samsung are bitter rivals who work literally across the street from one another does not leave room for very much disagreement. For Android and Google fans Eric Schmidt had a lot of positive and exciting news that will have us all with our eyes on the horizon. Source- cnet

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