Chameleon Launcher launches for Android tablets, can be yours for $10

For quite some time now, Chameleon Launcher has been in testing mode available only for those in the Kickstarter Program and are willing to shell out some dough to try out the app. Now, two months after, the app has been made available on Google Play for $10. This launcher promises to give you a revolutionary launcher with the ability to create multiple home screens with their own layouts containing various widgets and apps. Quite honestly, it’s a very promising launcher worthy of your look if you don’t mind spending that much for an Android launcher app. The Chameleon Launcher includes context based home screen system containing relevant information that you want, when you want it. The app lets you create context rules based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges – letting you define which Home Screen is the most relevant for your purpose. The launcher also lets you create your own widgets using its API aside from the available widgets including Facebook, Calendar, Clock, Google+, Instagram, Media Player, RSS News Reader, Switches, Twitter, and YouTube. Another noteable feature of Chameleon Launcher is the fact that it lets you customize your mini App Tray. Hence, you can do away with the usually large grid of apps – putting your most used app up front. [Google Play link]

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