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Chillingo releases Puzzle Craft for Android

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puzzle.craft-android There are thousands of Match-3 games on Google Play, and there are almost as many city builders. Puzzle Craft is a new Android Game that combines those two genres into one of the most addictive building games you’ll ever play.puzzle.craft-1 Puzzle Craft is a building game that goes about things a bit differently. You’ll get to build plenty of structures, but you’ll go about it in a whole new way. Want to build a cottage? You’ll need some stone for that and you can get it from playing the mining match-3 game. Before you can mine you’ll need food so you’ll want to harvest a few supplies so your trek into the mines. Everything you do has an impact on the world around you whether you’re crafting a rake, building a well or simply matching stones and wood. It’s an interesting way to go about building a town, and it’s quite a bit of fun to boot. Puzzle Craft is an extremely addictive game, and it’s hard to put down once your city starts growing. There’s also a large amount of strategy involved and you’ll want to think carefully before erecting a new building as your stockpiles may be better used on a new worker or some tools. We’ll have a full review of Puzzle Craft later in the week, until then we highly advise you to check it out. You can pick up Chillingo’s Puzzle Craft for free on Google Play.

Puzzle Craft