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Chop, Dice, and Fry in Order Up!! To Go for Android

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Food serving games are a dime a dozen these days, but there’s a new one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Order Up!! To Go is an Android game that will put your culinary skills to the test as you open restaurants around the world and try to cook the best dishes around. Order Up!! To Go is a restaurant sim that’s a little different from the rest of the pack. Whereas most games of this nature put an emphasis on serving customers in a timely fashion, Order Up!! put an emphasis on cooking. Yeah you still need to to get your orders out quickly, but you’re going to spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking instead of taking orders and collecting tips. You start out learning the ropes at Burger Face, then it’s onward to swankier diners like the Gravy Chug, Stuffolini’s, and Kung Fusion. As mentioned cooking is the name of the game in Order Up!! To Go and you’ll get to cook a lot of different dishes. Just like in a real kitchen each dish has to be prepared and you’ll need to be prepare yourself to do a lot of flipping, frying, dicing, and baking. As you progress through the game you’ll get the chance to change locations, and there are six restaurants in the game including Burger Face which is one place you can always go back to if you need to earn a little bread for your upgrades. As for the upgrades there seems to be quite a few of them and you can hire new help (including a monkey) as well if you’ve got enough cash. I’ve spent a lot of time playing Order Up!! To Go over the past few weeks and I’m generally the type of guy that doesn’t go anywhere near restaurant sims or time management games. Although there are a few little things I’d like to see changed in the game, overall it’s a blast and a great game to get whether you’re into cooking games or not. It’s got plenty of depth, lots of dishes, and even though it can feel like a grind at times it’s a whole lotta’ fun. If you’re ready to flip some burgers and make a few dozen omelets you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Supervillain Studios Order Up!! To Go for free.