Claim: Russian Military Spy Software On American Home Routers

According to top security US officials, an unspecified number of routers found in homes all over the US (in the hundreds of thousands, nota bene) are infected with malware, courtesy of the Russian military. The presence of Russian malware on routers owned by Americans has been revealed since last May. This malicious software can be used for various purposes, ranging from creating bot-nets to target institutions or to disrupt global economic activity via massive/coordinated DDOS attacks, to stealing individuals data.

As per “anonymous sources” in the US intel community, people familiar with the matter and all that, the culprits are Russian military operatives, hackers known as Fancy Bear or APT 28. The same Russian hackers were allegedly behind cyber-attacks against the State Department and the famous DNC hack/leak or whatever.

If activated, the malware would be able to steal traffic data (like a sniffer of sorts), via port 80, or to launch man-in-the-middle attacks as part of a bot-net, among other things. Now, if the US government seems suddenly worried about routers, what about the NVR’s and networked cameras everywhere? Meanwhile China, where by the way all these routers are made and programmed in the first place, isn’t even given a second look. See, it must be the Russian boogie man!  The problem is that China, who wants to see the US destroyed so it has free reign in all of Asia, is regarded by many in DC as our friend and staunch ally, whose political system some in America (including Apple and Google apparently) seem to think we should be following here!

In related news, Peter Strozk was fired from the FBI late last Friday after spilling the beans about Obama’s “insurance policy”. Brennan must be getting nervous. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence . To quote from the classics: “There are no coincidences” -Q

Moreover, there is no hard evidence to suggest that the Russians compromised the DNC server. That is because the DNC  never allowed the FBI to inspect their server(s), i.e. they refused to turn over the respective server to the FBI for examination. They used a private internet-security company instead. In addition, the volume of data said to have been downloaded from the DNC server was such that it was impossible to transfer it electronically (via an internet connection) in the supposed time frame, hence it had to be downloaded locally to an SD card/thumb drive or some other device. This means it was downloaded in-house by someone within the DNC headquarters (read Seth Rich et al).

Orwell must be somewhere out there laughing his head off while repeating “I told you so”!



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