Electronic Arts has just released their version of the classic Tetris game on the Android Market. Quite surprisingly, the Android game is being offered as a free game which is very unlikely for EA to do. In exchange for being offered as a free download, EA is banking on in-game ads to reap in some revenues for the game. Don’t worry though, the ads are not so obtrusive and you will hardly notice them while you enjoy playing a game or two of Tetris. That is of course if you find the game entertaining at all. Sorry, yeah Tetris is always exciting to play. But unfortunately, Electronic Arts did something wrong with this Android version. Or perhaps the game is too old for a new platform. I’ve tried playing the game for several minutes and sadly, it did not excite me anymore. The game must have lost its luster since I’m already accustomed to more advanced Android games lately.  In addition, the game runs a tad slow on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Hopefully, this is not the same for other Android smartphones. Anyway, if you’ve been wanting to play Tetris on your Android smartphones, this is it. Here’s EA’s way of porting the classic game to one of today’s most powerful mobile platform. Features? Pretty much what you would normally expect from an Android game – touch controls, stats, and yes, the original Tetris theme song. Tetris is available now as a free download from the Android Market.  

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