Classic Notes Lite + App Box Android App Review


If you’re looking for a simple note-taking and to-do list app minus the colors and flare of other complex note-taking app, Classic Notes Lite + App Box by Fluffy Delusions just might be the Android app for you. Simply put, this Android app primarily lets you do two things – create notes and to-do lists. That’s it? Well, like I said it’s just the app’s primary feature, there are certainly more to this app than those two things.


As mentioned, Classic Notes Lite + App Box lets you create notes and task list. And it lets you do so, easily and in a simple, straight-forward way. The moment you’ve fired up the app, you can simply tap on the +add notes or task and type away whatever notes you want to jot down. As simple as that. But the app does lets you other things with your notes and task lists. You can export notes as text to your SD card, import/export CSV as todo, checklist or shopping list, share notes to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social apps installed on your Android devices, send your notes to Google Docs and Dropbox, add notes to Google Calendar, create home screen shortcuts and definitely so much more. In fact, it would take a whole page to list down the good things that you can do with this Android app.

Addditional Features

Aside from note-taking and creating tasks – this Android app has what’s called as app box. This are mini-apps which you can access and use. Simply tap on the “Extras” under the option tab of the app and you’ll see a list of “mini apps” that this Android app offers. These include – abbreviations, conversions, days until countdown, dictionary, etymology, example word usage and more. These extras are very useful and will help you become more productive with the tasks that you have do.           


Others may find Classic Notes + App Box Android app too simple for their liking while others may find it just fine. It really depends on what type of Android app user you are. If you are the type who values simplicity and functionality over design – you’ll love this app. If you are the type who values design over simplicity and functionality, well – give the app a try first and see for yourself. Who knows you might like it and becomes your default Note-taking app for your Android phone or tablet. Classic Notes + App Box is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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