Drum roll please… Today is an awesome for Kairosoft fans as we finally got another game and it’s a doozy. Dungeon Village is the latest game from the mysterious Kairosoft team, and it’s also the first game that leaves “Story” out of the title. Dungeon Village lets you build a heroic little hamlet, and in classic Kairosoft style you’re going to turn it into a Mecca for heroes and adventurers.  Anyone who plays these highly addictive games knows you’re going to get to build, level-up, and fight, but this time around you’ll get to do it in an RPG fantasy world. Some of the highlights include Dungeon battles, monsters and plenty of loot from drops. On the building end of things you can put up combat and magic schools along other buildings to increase your skill-set and boost your villages’ popularity. Another cool thing of note is something called the “Cauldron” feature which lets you test your alchemy skills for a chance to receive rare items for your armory.


I feel like a little kid every time Kairosoft puts out a new game, and while we’ve been waiting for Fashion Story (or whatever it’ll be called) to drop we got a great surprise with Dungeon Village. I’ve already got this bad boy downloading and will be back with a full review when and if I can manage to tear myself away from the game. There’s no demo yet, but if you’re a fan of the games you’re probably going to buy the full one right away. You can pick up Kairosoft’s Dungeon Village for $4.99 in the Android market.

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