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Cluzee is Yet Another Try at Bringing Siri-Like Feature on Android

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Feeling envy at iPhone 4S owners for the SIRI feature? Well, here comes another third-party Android app developer trying out to bring SIRI-like feature to the Android platform. This time it’s called Cluzee Your Personal Assistant Android app. Available now as a free download from the Android Market, Cluzee Android app  is said to provide the same service provided by SIRI for iPhone 4S owners plus some more capabilities said to be better than SIRI. Aside from listing events and reading off your schedule, Cluzee also pulls a variety of data from the web including route suggestions based on real-time traffic situation. The app can also search deals based on your buying habits, suggests hotels and restaurants based on your tastes and preferences as well as the usual features such as read incoming e-mails and text messages aloud and convert voice to text to send emails or SMS. Other features of Cluzee as enumerated in the Android Market:

Talk to your phone! I can help you save your time and money. Ask me to do things just by talking to your phone. Do Siri features in iPhone 4S excite you but you don’t own an iPhone? I bring conversational interface, intelligence and many more capabilities on Android. Some of the additional services I currently provide are: Personalized recommendations, Smart filters, Daily brief, Health planner, Travel planner, Notes Management, Social Updates, Personalized Deal Reports, Personal Radio…

Sounds interesting? Well, you might want to give it a spin although there are currently not too many favorable feedbacks from those who were able to try Cluzee. And it’s not available for all yet. Seems like it’s available only for U.S. Android phone owners. In the meantime, you might want to watch this video demo first to see if Cluzee interests you enough. Cluzee Your Personal Assistant Android app is available now from the Android Market.

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