Cobra Mobile releases iBomber for Android

ibomber.androidThere are a slew of bomber games out there, and a few days back one of the more popular ones made its way to Google Play. iBomber is one in a series of Cobra Mobile Bomber games, and it’s quite a bit of fun if you games that make use of your gyroscope.ibomber-1 iBomber is an Arcade style bombing game that puts you in the cockpit of a big bomber flying over the Pacific in 1943. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the battlefield as you man the bombing bay and drops bombs on enemy ships and buildings. Controlling your plane is done through your phones gyroscope; you simply need to tilt forward to accelerate and backwards to slow down while tilting left and right to steer. When you get a target lined up in your sights, you just hit a button to drop a bomb. It’s actually much tougher than it sounds considering you’re being shot at constantly. iBomber is solid and a big step up from iBomber Defense Pacific which was released by Chillingo earlier this year. So far everything works well, and you’ll have a lot of fun bombing things across 26 different missions. The only downside is the whole Papaya setup which is annoying, but bearable if you enjoy the game. If you’re ready to give it a go, you can pick up iBomber for free on Google Play.


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