Cocosola releases Alpaca Brother, the Sequel to Alpaca Evolution once in a while we come across a special game that sets itself apart from every game on the Play Store with weirdness. Alpaca Evolution was one such game, and I’m glad to say I was one of the first reviewers on the net to show it some love. It currently has between 1-5 million downloads. I’m pleased to announce Cocosola has finally released a sequel dubbed Alpaca Brother, and it’s even more bizarre than the original… Alpaca Evolution was a game about absorbing/eating other Alpacas to evolve, and Alpaca brother follows that same nutty formula. What’s changed? Well there’s a bit of a storyline this time around that involves an accident in an ancient alpaca village, brothers, and evolution. There are also multiple paths of evolution for your Alpaca Hermano to take… yup, it looks like they’ve added some depth to Alpaca Brother and the world is a stranger place for it. There’s new music as well, and while I won’t spoil it I will say it’s oddly fitting. Alpaca Evolution is one of those games that keeps you coming back for more, and Alpaca Brother definitely kicks things up a notch. game will utterly destroy your day as you just keeping going back to see the next Evolution. The menus are in Japanese, but it doesn’t hamper anything – just remember which path you pick each time. If you’re ready to give it a go (you know you are) you can pick up Alpaca Brother for free on Google Play.

Alpaca Evolution

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