Com2uS releases Brave Heroes for Android

brave.hereoesYou can usually count on Com2uS to release a couple of colorful Android Games each month, and we got a new one last week with Brave Heroes. brave.heroes-1Brave Heroes is a side-scrolling Castle Defense game where you’ll have to take out the enemies’ castle before they take you out. You’ll produce a steady stream of units with coins earned during battle, and there are plenty of upgrades and unlocks to power-up with between levels. The gameplay isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, and while Brave Heroes is lacking in the originality department, it makes up for it with Heroes. The warriors of Brave Heroes fall into three categories with Distance, Near, and Mage. Each category has 8 unlockable heroes which means you’ll have to 24 heroes to play with. Unfortunately, the coolest concept of the game is also its downfall as 15 of those 24 heroes can only be bought with premium currency. Yup, the IAP system rears its ugly head once again, and it puts a damper on things as usual. brave.heroes-2Brave Heroes is another solid game from Com2uS, but we’re unsure of how much impact the IAP setup is going to have on things overall. If you play a lot of games from Com2uS or Glu Mobile, you may not even notice them. If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick up Com2uS’s Brave Heroes for free on Google Play.

Brave Heroes

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