Huzzah! That’s the only word that came to mind when I noticed that Com2uS had finally released Homerun Battle 2 for Android. Personally, I’ve long considered the original to be the best sports game around, and am psyched to see what Homerun Battle 2 has in store for us. If you never played the original, Homerun Battle 2 is basically an all you can eat slugfest build for baseball fans who love the long ball. The new version has 6 different modes including burning and mission modes which sound like a blast. I haven’t played the original in around 6-8 months, but there looks to be quite a few new additions to the game. The online multiplayer is still there, and just as fun as you’ll remember it being. I was a little rusty at first, but still managed get a win my first attempt as you can see by the screenshot. Two other things to note from the screenshot; you’re going to get some ads, and be very careful when selecting your name. I use “Coolhand” for a gamer tag on some games, and somehow Com2uS took made that out to be Cowhand. It wasn’t a Swype error and I’m not sure how it happened, but it sucks. Yeah it’s kind of funny, but if you’re a true gamer you can understand my frustration one that one. Luckily, Com2uS seems to have given us 3 slots for characters, so I can still give my other male batter a cool nickname.


If you’ve played Homerun Battle 3D or love baseball, there’s little doubt that you’ll love Homerun Battle 2. Unless someone drops a Game of Thrones or Eastbound and Down game in the next few days, Homerun Battle 2 is a lock for the top spot in our weekly Top 10 list. If you want to crush peoples hopes and dreams with one swing of the bat, you can pickup Homerun Battle 2 for free on Google Play.  

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