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combo crew We’ve seen some good fighting games over the past few years, but controls usually keep a good game from being great. That’s not the case with The Game Bakers Combo Crew as they’ve ditched all on-screen controls in favor of an intuitive swipe-based setup. It’s a new way to play an arcade brawler on a touch-screen device, and it works well as Combo Crew is one of the best beat ‘em ups we’ve played this year. combo.crew-1Combo Crew is the tale of Mr.Boss, an evil mastermind who’s kidnapped the best fighters on the planet for a personal tournament of sorts. You’ll have to fight your way through his henchmen to the top of his tower to take him on, and while it won’t be easy, you will have four fearsome fighters to brawl with. The fighters are fierce, but the controls are what sets Combo Crew apart from any other brawler you’ve played. combo.crew-2Single strikes are done by swiping towards an enemy while two-fingered swipes break out the combos. You can have four combo attacks active at any time, and using them is as simple as taking two-fingers and swiping up, down, left or right. The only other controls you need to know are counter and the charge attack. The charge attack will break through an opponent’s defenses, and you can counter by tapping anywhere on the screen when you see an exclamation point over an enemy’s head. A cool control scheme means nothing if the game doesn’t have some substance – luckily Combo Crew has plenty of that. There are around 80 combos to unlock spread across the four fighters, and you’ll be able to buy boosters and permanent perks as well. As for the levels, there are around 30 of them in King of the Tower, and then you’ve got Combo Crew Mode. This is the games asynchronous multiplayer feature that lets you call in friends to help you if you’re defeated. It’s a great feature, but playing alone is just as fun if you’d rather go solo. combo crew androidCombo Crew is easily one of the funnest fighting games I’ve played on a touchscreen device, and the controls are perfect for a beginner or a seasoned vet. There’s plenty of depth, and the world of Mr. Boss is a fun place to visit. It’s also nice to see there are no in-app purchases in the game – if you want to unlock something you’ll have to earn it by playing. It’s not the perfect arcade brawler, but it’s pretty darn close and it’s well worth the $1.99 price tag.

Combo Crew

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