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Comcast unleashes the XFINITY TV Player for Android

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If you love TV as much as I do and are a Comcast subscriber today is your lucky day as they FINALLY released the XFINITY TV Player App for Android. Yup, this bad boy lets you watch damn near anything you please from Comcast/Xfinity’s lineup all from the comfort of your phone and tablet no matter where you go. The XFINITY TV Player app basically lets you watch all your favorite shows while you’re on the go and it works on phones as well as tablets. All the premium channels are present so you can catch up on Game of Thrones, re-watch all 3 seasons of Eastbound and Down or watch a little Dexter or Weeds. You do have to be a subscriber to Comcast and if you want to watch things from the “premium” channels you’ll have to subscription to those as well. If you see an orange key beside a title that means it’s something you don’t subscribe to and basically anything else is fair game. The app also has parental controls which is nice as nobody wants to catch their kid watching Skinamax on their new tablet. There some things the app can’t get like your local programming for instance, but if you’re looking for quality premium content then look no further than the XFINITY TV Player app.


Comcast subscribers get the shaft on a lot of things (HBO Go App, Ps3 streaming, etc…), but they knocked it out of the park with the XFINITY TV Player app as far as I’m concerned. I can now get full usage out of their service, my fast internet, and my android devices. I’ve only had a chance to scan through a few episodes and movies, but so far everything works great and I’ve had no streaming issues. I’ve you never used HBO Go, you’ll love this app as you can get every episode of every series… even some of the great classic ones. If you’re a Comcast subscriber you need to pick this up, and you won’t be disappointed. You can get Comcast’s XFINITY TV Player app for free on Google Play.   XFINITY TV Player