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ConcoursMania Montpellier releases Total Recall: The Game for Android

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Another day and another visit to a planet Mars based Android game is in order. Previously, we were excited to report that Angry Birds would be taking their warring birdiness to the red planet but, now we’re even more excited to report that Android gamers can now take on a whole new red adventure in the newly released Total Recall: The Game – Episode 1. Way back in 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger took on the role of Douglas Quaid who takes a ‘virtual vacation’ in a futurized society and ends up battling his way through a conspiracy story on Mars, in the cult classic science fiction movie called Total Recall. More recently the movie was re released and stars actor Colin Farrell in the role that Arnie made famous all those years ago. Although the newly released version hasn’t exactly received glowing reviews, this hasn’t stopped the first episode of the Android Total recall experience from being released on Google Play by new French developer ConcoursMania Montpellier. Players will have to search through the game levels to find 10 secrets that are hidden, to help Doug complete his first mission in the game. The gameplay is that of a 3D side scroller with graphics deemed to be of high quality throughout the game. Battles will become increasingly more fierce as you guide Doug through the game, using a variety of weapons, some limited in ammo resources making the game a little more tense as you try to reserve that necessary bullet to kill the enemy or boss that needs a little extra firepower to beat. Total Recall – The Game – Episode 1 is available on the Google Play market to download now and costs $1.96 or £1.25 to purchase. The developer also promises that more episodes are on the way in the future.