Connect the Dots, Now Available on Android


I don’t know about you but I often find myself playing with my phone, especially when in the bathroom (yeah, too much info, I know) or waiting on a friend somewhere in the city. I usually go and check out my favorite websites or take a look on Facebook, but sometimes I like to play a little, you know, wasting some (un)productive time, like my grandmother used to say.

I am kind of serious cat and old school and I seem to prefer ancient games, like that Nokia snake or Tetris. I’m not fond of these new 3-D space age alien destroying the world nonsense video games, which seem very violent and highly addictive. I know, what I just said on a website dedicated mostly to Android games, it’s probably gonna get me fired or something so please, don’t tell anyone.

Enough with the ranting, I must tell you what I’ve just discovered : the coolest game since Mario, for those of you who enjoy exercising your neurons instead of shooting balloons : the name of the game is Dots and the idea behind it very simple and ingenious : all you have to do is, as you might have guessed, is to connect the dots. Well, as many as possible, in a 60 seconds interval. It’s a very good exercise for your brain, because this is how your brain actually works, by connecting random stuff, following patterns and the like.

I must tell you, Dots is quite addictive, even if it lacks drama and eye candy, it’s as simple as it gets but the idea behind it makes it worth trying it. Even if it was launched firstly for iOS, now you can download it from the Google Store in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tale.  Dots was a massive hit for Apple users, it was downloaded over 5 million times in just 3 months,  now let’s see what you make of it, Android lovers.

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