contra evolutionIt’s no secret that Android games usually come after their iOS counterpart has been out for a spell, and that’s the case with Contra: Evolution for Android. The old-school arcade shooter dropped yesterday morning, and while it looks like the game you grew up with quite a few things have changed.

Contra: Evolution was originally released back in June for iOS, and thanks to Konami and PunchBox Studios Android users can now get in on some action with good old Mad Dog & Scorpion. Yup, the boys are back in business down in South America and not much has changed although there are some new additions to the game in the form of enhanced graphics and in-app purchases. They sure didn’t have those in the NES days.contra evolution By the numbers Contra: Evolution has two modes of play with Arcade and Mission Mode. Arcade is the game we all know and love while Mission mode lets you choose a mission. As mentioned, Mad Dog and Scorpion are back, but you’ll also have access to two new characters in Flame Rose and Moon Shadow. New characters aren’t the only new addition to Contra: Evolution – there are plenty of in-app purchases that can extend your game as well as a laundry list of permissions, most of which aren’t necessary.
contra.evolution-2I was only able to give Contra: Evolution a brief play, but it’s quite a bit of fun if you can get the hang of the controls. There are three different control setups, so you have some variety although none are particularly easy to use. It’s also a drag to have IAP’s in a paid game, so you’ll want to keep those in mind along with the excessive permissions. If you still want to give Contra: Evolution a go, you can pick it up for $0.99 on Google Play.

Contra Evolution

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