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Corona Indie Bundle – 5 Android Indie Games for $0.99

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Here at Android Apps we love Indie games and we also love charity. The two came together a week or so ago in the form of the Corona Indie Bundle which gives people 5 cool games in one package. The group is giving 17% of the bundles proceeds to the Dispensario de Managua, Bliss, and Child’s Play charities so by purchasing the bundle you’re helping out some very good causes. For the extremely low price of .99 cents you get 5 great games with two of those games making their first appearances on the Android platform. You’ll get Walkabout, The Secret of Grisly Manor, Float, Chickens Quest, and Robot 99. The first 3 games are all quality titles that have done very well in the market; we’ve actually covered Float in the past and have a review of Walkabout coming up next week. The two new games Chickens Quest and Robot 99 will have you herding chickens and catching robots… its probably not hard to figure out which game is which. The Corona Indie Bundle is a great deal, and its for a good cause. Not only do you get 5 games for the price of 1, they’re going to unlock a 6th game in the bundle once they can get 100,000 downloads. The bundle’s been out for a bit in iTunes and just hit Amazon’s Android Market on the 18th; it’s currently #8 in Amazon’s Market for games so as we said, you’re getting a great deal. If you feel like being a little charitable or just want to play some great games, head on over to Amazon’s Marketplace and pick up the Corona Indie Bundle.

Corona Indie Bundle