Crackdown: Twitter Suspends 70 Million Fake Accounts

According to a report via WaPo, Twitter is frantically purging fake accounts, with more than 70 million already deleted from one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. The Twitter crackdown is aimed at removing “malicious activity” (read Russian bots and similar stuff) from its platform. The rate of suspended/deleted accounts for the last couple of months, May and June respectively, is two-times bigger compared to the company’s October 2017 numbers.

Just like Facebook, Twitter is now claiming that public pressure determined the account-purge, following the alleged lax efforts of the company to police abusive users, bad actors and so on and so forth. Basically, the alleged Russian disinfo campaigns from 2016, along with spamming, trolls and “hate speech” (whatever that means) are now used to curb free speech, there’s no way around this. Twitter has said that its “systems” identified almost ten million fake accounts (spam bots and the like) flooding the social media giant’s network every week.

More than 70 million accounts were suspended in May and June of 2018 alone, and the same rate (~35 million/month) has continued in the current month. The social media giant vowed to wipe out one million accounts per day in its war against “fake news”. On Saturday morning, President Trump asked via Twitter if the deleted/suspended accounts would include Washington Post/New York Times’ official Twitter handles. Obviously, the POTUS was referring to the now-famous “fake news” networks with regard to WaPo’s and the NYT’s extensive use of anonymous sources.

Truth be told, censorship on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube is on the rise since Trump got into office, and that’s not kosher. I can’t wait until normies find out that CIA’s front companies Facebook, Google and Twitter were created using seed money courtesy of the American tax payer; the point being that if any of these companies received our tax money, then they must be considered  public utilities and regulated properly (read free speech for all).

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