Cracked Reader Lite – Android App Review


I’ve been reading Cracked magazine since the mid 80’s and as a fan I was thrilled to find the official Cracked Reader Lite Android App in the market last week. Will the app solve world hunger or help you do your taxes? Nope, but most of their articles will leave you in stitches and put a smile on your face for the better part of the day. The App lets you browse their site by choosing several different categories including articles, photoplasty, craptions, videos, flashback, and your favorites. I enjoy every section, but mainly stick to the articles as they have some of the funnies (and informative) Top’s lists around. The app is very bare-bones, but it lets you brose the site and sections you’re looking for with ease. That being said, as much as I like the magazine and want to like the app there are some issues. You can’t browse the entire site as the app only goes back so far in the database. That’s fine considering most of use that browse the site go from one link to the next, but the links don’t always work well in the app and there are some browsing issues from within the app. The app does work and it’s great to check up on the last week or two’s worth of material, but if you want to dig deeper I think it’s easier to do that on-site.


The guys at never let me down with their humor, but they did let me down a bit with their app. Actually, I’m sure they didn’t make the app so I’ll let em’ slide on that one, but I did expect a little more. I still love the site and will keep reading it as long as Sylvester P. Smythe is around, but the app definitely needs a tune-up. If you like to laugh I encourage you to check out, and if you want to give the app a go you can find it on Google Play.

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