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Craneballs Studios hit game SuperRope now avialable for Android

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If you dig climbing or jumping games we’ve got just the thing for you with a new game called SuperRope. Craneballs Studios has put out a game that has you climb, jump, and dodge your way through 5 slick backgrounds on your way to the top. Your goal in SuperRope as in other climbing games is to go as high as you can while collecting things (coins & bonuses) and dodging obstacles. To move your character you simply need to swipe your finger in the direction you want them to jump and away they’ll go. It’s not that easy though as you’ll have a LOT of things coming your way in the form of pianos, robots, aliens, and the occasional anvil. One thing that sets SuperRope apart from other climbing games is their “Funky Store.” You’ll earn Funky Stars in the game and they can be spent in the store to buy powerups, new characters, and backgrounds. There are five backgrounds and five characters to unlock, but there are a whopping 35 powerups.


I’m normally not a huge fan of climbing or jumping games as I’m more of a Hardcore gaming kind of guy. SuperRope was the exception to the rule for me as it’s a casual game that looks great, and has enough things to unlock to keep me busy for awhile. Craneballs Studio’s did a great job on the game; hopefully they’ll bring over Overkill or Blimp to Android sometime in the future. SuperRope is available to download for free in the Android market. SuperRope