Siegebreaker is a new Tower Defense game from Crazy Monkey Studios that involves kings, castles, the undead and a famous Rockstar named Keith. It looks like Crazy Monkey studios has put out a pretty crazy game as this is the first TD I can think of that involves ancient castles and rockstars. To say Siegebreaker isn’t your average Tower Defense game would be an understatement as it’s one of the most unique TD games I’ve played in awhile. For starters, there’s a funny storyline that involves a rockstar getting transported back in time to protect a king and some castles, and your “towers” are all moveable which isn’t usually the norm. Instead of using towers you’ll actually be using warriors and you’ll be able to unlock and upgrade your troops as the levels progress. Once you beat a castle it’s unlocked for siege mode where you can earn power orbs to boost your characters stats. One of the things I like the most so far (besides the storyline) are the way certain characters attack and the way you control those attacks. Definitely not something I’ve seen in a TD game before, and quite a bit of fun.


I just skimmed through the game this morning, but so far I really like what I see. Siegebreaker has a unique style, an engaging storyline, and most importantly… it’s a lot of fun to play. The only bad thing I’ve seen so far are the ads; they don’t interfere with gameplay as they pop up in-between levels, but they’re the big , full screen ugly ads. That being said it’s a free game, so you can’t knock the ads too much. I plan on getting a little more in-depth with the game later this week, check back for a full review in the near future.

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