Sega have announced that they will be releasing their classic Crazy Taxi game on to the Android platform soon. The game will be a port of the popular Dreamcast version from Sega and has already landed on iOS devices but, unfortunately Android users have a slight wait until we can get our hands on the game. As it is a port from the Dreamcast version, it features the full original soundtrack, something that was missing from the Crazy Taxi that has been released for home games consoles. As of yet, Sega haven’t given a date for an Android release but, as they have already managed to get it out for iOS users, we shouldn’t imagine it should be too long of a wait until we can start collecting fares. For anyone who hasn’t played Crazy Taxi, as we see from the launch trailer, you are the driver of a yellow cab in a city that resembles San Fransicso and you have a choice of four cab drivers to choose from in the game. You then race to pick passengers up and drive them to their destination. You need to do this within the time limit and get to another passenger before time runs out. For each completed journey, you receive a couple of bonus seconds and cash from the customer. The more the passenger likes your ride, the more they pay. Some of the passengers in the game love your fast and thrilling racing style, while others get very angry with it so it varies with each passenger you pick up and take to their destination.

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