Every once in awhile we stumble across an Android app that’s great for kids, and reminds us adults what it was like to be a kid. This is the case with a fun little app I found last week called Felt Factory from Creative Grid. Felt Factory lets you get creative by using different felt shapes to make your own spectacular felt scenes. There are over 100 felt shapes to choose from all broken down into specific categories like animals, nature, space, faces, letters, numbers, food, and shapes. There are also 7 different backgrounds with 3 scenes and 3 colored backgrounds. One neat feature is the ability to snap your own photos and then use the felt on those; the kids really liked this as they could decorate the pet cat or one of their friends.  The interface is very easy to use as you just drag & drop the felt where you want it, and the app as a whole has a nice retro feel to it.


Felt Factory has been a lot of fun to play around with, and it’s a family friendly app that kids can enjoy as well.  The developers state that they will add new shapes & scenes regularly, and if they do the app will just continue to grow and get better. There is a free version and a paid version; the market description lists no differences between the two so I’m not sure what’s been added or left out of either version at this time. Either way, it’s a great app and you can find it in the Android market.

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