dig android Dig! is the tale of Douglas Chase, a bumbling archaeologist who’s been hired by a rich tycoon to spruce up an old museum. Your job is to dig, and you’ll do that by drawing lines to section of pieces of ground. It’s not as easy as it sounds though as you’ll have to deal with Nigel the Mummy, Pickaxe wielding Gnomes, and little Fez wearing Moles.dig.android-2 When you’re not running from ghouls or slicing away patches of ground, you’ll have to keep an eye out for treasure. The good stuff is marked with yellow dots, but there’s plenty of junk thrown in there as well. There’s also a museum that needs stocked and several different locations to dig through. Dig! seems to have quite a bit of depth, and while there are coin packages for sale, they aren’t pushed in your face which is nice for a change. The prices are also good if you decide you want to get ahead in the game. Dig! is the best digging game I’ve played since Gem Miner 2, and it’s pretty damned tough as you’ll have to strategize as you dig deeper into each level. There are a lot of cool, quirky touches as well to go along with several unlockable hats. Who doesn’t love a game with hats? No free version of the game is available, but the full version of Dig! can be yours for only $2.99.



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