Previously available as exclusive to the Amazon App Store, this seemingly innovative game takes on the Metal Gear Solid stealth approach to gaming and made it lighter by featuring a small, minion-like character. The main character was supposedly held hostage in a research facility and must escape before he became a specimen for testing. Your taks is to help the main character work his way through corridors of Welk Tower, avoiding guards along the way while at the same time collecting items. The banks on simplicity and innovation through intuitive game controls and comical animations. You can either use the traditional virtual d-pad or gesture-based by drawing a path on your device’s screen. This path will be the path that you character take as he tries to escape.¬†Another good thing about this game has something to do with nice animation and storyline which are funny and entertaining. Other features of Critter Escape for Android include:

  • Stealth gameplay and puzzling levels test your brains and reaction speed.
  • Adorable central character with fun animations and hilarious comics.
  • Crazy, mutating power-ups change the way you play the game.
  • Over 120 unique levels to escape from.

What’s more, Critter Escape is available as a free download from Google Play. So that gives you no reason not to download this game.  

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