Crossbar RRAM is the Future of Data Storage Technology

Crossbar RAM

Crossbar is a high tech company based in Santa Clara, California, specialized in non volatile memory technologies, and they just announced what is to be the future in data storage, namely the Crossbar RRAM.

Crossbar RRAM will revolutionize the way we store data, because it offers a huge amount of storage on a very tiny memory chip, also the data transfer speeds are blazing fast when compared to the current NAND technology.

RRAM stands for Resistive RAM and it’s way better than the existing flash memory chips ¬†available on the market. The flash memory is a crucial component in all mobile devices and it’s a huge $60 billion/year industry. This type of RAM is used in almost all smart/portable devices, from your regular Android smartphone to cameras and tablets.

The new Crossbar RRAM is aimed to change the current paradigm when it comes to data storage, for example it offers one terabyte of data available on a memory chip which has the size of a postage stamp.

Crossbar RAM


This is pretty impressive, when compared to the current 64 GB of storage available in your high-end smartphone, for the same chip (physical) size. Not only the amount of stored data is huge, but the data transfer speed is up to 20 times faster than the present flash memory chips.

The Crossbar RRAM is expected to allow data transfers at 140MB/second (writing speed) , versus the current 7 MB/second offered in the present by mobile RAM manufacturers. The RRAM technology is also expected to be 10 times more reliable in terms of endurance when compared to the current NAND chips.

All these specs sound spectacular, and Crossbar managed to attract $25 million from investors in order to develop their new product. If everything works well and the SoC manufacturers will make their chips compatible with the new RRAM technology, we, as end users, will benefit the most from Crossbar’s RRAM.

For example, with the new RRAM technology, the smartphones will be much faster, the loading times for apps and games will also benefit from the faster data transfer speeds, not to mention the huge storage space available on those tiny memory chips from Crossbar.



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